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Acoustic Space #3

Art Impressions Mahou

May 16, June 20 and July, 2012 - 8 p.m. /
Nouvel Building, café - restaurant

Acoustic Space is a music series that brings together national and international proposals that show the various facets of contemporary musical creation. After the editions of 2011, in which musicians such as Peter Broderick, Bugge Wesseltoft, Cibelle, Oy, Mastretta and Lonely Drifter Karen, took part, Museo Reina Sofía once again lends its support to music, with an eclectic sample of proposals that attempt to draw a map of the array of trends making up today's diverse musical scene.

Acoustic Space #3. Art Impressions Mahou includes three different shows, from musical montage using multiple sound sources by Philippe Petit, who is accompanied by the Mexican Murcof in the electronic processing, to the melancholic piano compositions by the German Nils Frahm, and the encounter between music and words that is found in the collaboration between Catalan artists Bradien and Eduard Escoffet.

In coming months, Acoustic Space #3 will offer performances by the following artists:


  • Acoustic Space #3. Philippe Petit & Murcof
    May 16, 2012 - 8 p.m.

    Philippe Petit & Murcof

    Music, Dance and Performance Concert
    Nouvel Building, café

    Philippe Petit is a French musician whose work is based on the electronic processing of acoustic elements, field recordings and the non-conventional use of musical instruments, to generate experimental sound pieces in real time. He has worked with artists such as Lydia Lunch, Foetus, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Scanner and Mira Calix.
    Murcof is Fernando Corona, a Mexican musician now living in Barcelona and a founding member of the Nortec Collective. His compositions make use of the sounds of classical orchestra instrumentation, from which he extracts new textures and sounds through electronic processing.

  • Acoustic Space #3. Bradien & Eduard Escoffet
    June 20, 2012 - 8 p.m.

    Bradien & Eduard Escoffet

    Music, Dance and Performance Concert
    Nouvel Building, café

    Bradien is an instrumental group from Barcelona that blends the sounds of pop, dub and folk with a cinematographic sound aesthetic aided by electronics. Eduard Escoffet, poet and performer, accompanies them in this joint project, adding voice and texts to the group's compositions. This project steers clear of the clichés of popular music, but rather seeks at all times new possibilities for combining music and words.

  • Acoustic Space #3. Nils Frahm
    July 11, 2012 - 8 p.m.

    Nils Frahm

    Music, Dance and Performance Concert
    Nouvel Building, café

    Nils Frahm is a German pianist and composer who lives in Berlin. He represents, along with Sylvain Chaveau, Olafür Arnalds and Peter Broderick, a whole generation of young musicians with classical training but who make unconventional use of the classical instruments, using structures and sonorities influenced by today's musical currents. The music of Nils Frahm evokes, through the piano, landscapes filled with delicate and melancholic sounds.

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Art Impressions Mahou


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