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In Two Dimensions: Dance on the Screen

7 may, 1997 - 7 june, 1997 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Lodela, 1996. Coreografía: José Navas. Dirección: Philip Baylanc
Lodela, 1996. Coreografía: José Navas. Dirección: Philip Baylanc

On the occasion of the International Dance Festival in Madrid, In Two Dimensions: Dance on the Screen is a series that features an international selection of film-video-dance dedicated to the auteur. The pieces included in the seven programmes in the series were made by renowned artists who present different ways to contemplate audiovisual creation, finding their partenaire in the choreographic arts. Choreographers and directors analyse, structure, observe and direct the viewer’s gaze through the body and the movement of performers who order/disorder ideas and feelings. Moreover, each is done in a personal way, paving often extremely divergent paths, where the relationship between the two resources materialises for very different reasons.

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Malinas, 1960) appears in two of the works in this selection: Tippeke (1996) and Rosas danst Rosas (1996), both directed by Thierry de Mey (Brussels, 1956). In his works (including Love Sonnets (1993), with choreography by his sister Michèle Anne de Mey), the direction is placed at the service of the dance, swaddling and indulging it. Drawing on somewhat more radical ideas, Rodrigo García (Buenos Aires, 1964) and Elena Córdoba present a work that has the virtue of transmitting the power inherent in audiovisual pieces without making any concessions to standardised beauty.

Followers of video dance will recognise the artists behind many of the works in this programme, such as Lloyd Newson (Albury, 1957), the director of DV8, who again surprises viewers with his communicative abilities, perfectly integrating movement into a wordless narrative. For his latest piece Enter Achilles (1995) he worked with the Dutch director Clara van Gool (Amsterdam, 1962), who is presenting an earlier work Bitings and Other Effects (1995).

The programme also introduces new pieces, including two that feature Sylvie Guillem (Paris, 1965), a ballet dancer who has achieved renown as a performer. Having recognised the possibilities inherent in the moving image, she asked two acclaimed choreographers to design original creations for her debut in video dance: Smoke (1996) by Mats Ek (Malmö, 1945) and Blue Yellow (1995) by Jonathan Burrows (Bishop Auckland, 1960). In some sense, this programme pays homage to continuity, without suggesting that recent arrivals deserve less attention.

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