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Session 8. Futures Market

November 26, 2012 - 6:30 p.m. /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Mercedes Álvarez (Spain, 2011)
Production format: HD Cam, 110´. Exhibition copy format: DVD. Distributed by IB Cinema.
Colloquium; Mercedes Álvarez and María Luisa Ortega, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

The eviction of the inhabitants and the demolition of an old house, with all of its furnishings, its extensive library and a heavy load of personal memories, are the starting point of this film that attempts to depict some aspects of the new world. The camera follows the fever of the real estate market, which has turned into a spectacle and the promise of wealth and paradise, and also at financial investment brokers and the gurus and preachers of success and entrepreneurial mythology. Behind it all is a look at the virtualisation of urban space, the clearing of personal and collective memory, the canalisation of dreams and desires, which end up being nothing but merchandise.


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