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Linda Nochlin.The Representation of Misere in the Art of the 19th Century: France and England

20 november, 2010 - 12 p.m. /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Honoré Daumier. Rue Transnonain,15 de abril de 1834, 1834
Honoré Daumier. Rue Transnonain,15 de abril de 1834, 1834

The North American art historian Linda Nochlin (1931) has been the leader of a rereading of the art history canon since she published her highly influential Why have there been no great women artists? and Realism, both in 1971. 
Her analysis has given rise to a broader view of the social history of art and the definitive incorporation of feminism and gender studies as a driving force in the critical transformation of the discipline.
This lecture addresses the issue of portraying society and the political engagement of the artist.

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