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Is it possible to (re)think Latin America?

14 november, 2011 - 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. /
Nouvel Building, Auditorium 200
Is it possible to (re)think Latin America?
Is it possible to (re)think Latin America?

Five hundred years into the invention of America, and two hundred years after the birth of the first Latin American republics, a question appears, like an inescapable shadow, hidden in the very name comprising these countries: Is it possible to think about a thing called Latin America? Is it even possible to think of it as a unit that can be grasped? Evidently, the answer is no. However, the main issue eludes this contradiction inasmuch as the name given to this part of the world calls for general reflections that encompass the whole and also multiple reflections that go further and take into account particular questions relevant to each geographical area.

Over a period of three days, in different venues, a number of artists, philosophers, doctoral students, politicians, intellectuals, professors and authorities, from over 20 different countries, will participate in this symposium, sharing their knowledge and points of view about the region.


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ASOEX-UAM Association of Foreign Students and Researchers at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


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