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Enlace-51. Cecilia Barriga

28 october, 2010 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

The work of Cecilia Barriga (Concepción, 1957), a Chilean filmmaker residing in Madrid since 1977, maintains a keen commitment to questions of social equality and reflections on gender, questioning the way in which our individual and group identities are constructed and represented, whether through the image impulse of what is most intimate or through the changing cultural and political circumstances that surround us.

Fascinated by the original material found in audiovisual archives and small-format documentary as a language and a fast, invisible technical resource, her eye captures both the intimate, solitary space of a person and the spontaneous performativity of various groups.

This presentation includes works such as her cult piece, Meeting Two Queens (1990), a work on gender deconstruction that engages the book Gender Trouble by Judith Butler (published in the USA also in 1990) and El día del euro (2007), the story of a chance encounter in Zurich between two older women who had a love affair in their youth. The programme also includes an extract from her documentary Granada treinta años después (2010), which commemorates the historical demonstration made by women in that Andalusian city, a landmark of the women’s movement in Spain.

Casa en red, 2010, video, 8’

iArco nano (Arte pequeño), 2010, video, 2010, 2’

Ojo Eje, 2009, 3 5 mm, 6’

Granada treinta años después, 2010, video, 52’ extract

En el río, 2006, video, 6’

El día del euro, 2007, video, 6’

Meeting Two Queens, 1990, video, 14’

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