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Enlace-39. Lillian Ball

18 march, 2009 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Lillian Ball. Ballhorses, 2008
Lillian Ball. Ballhorses, 2008

Lillian Ball, an artist and environmental activist who has received numerous awards from institutions like the Guggenheim Foundation and the United States National Endowment for the Arts, has dedicated a large part of her work to protecting the wetlands.

GO Doñana (2008) is an interactive installation that illuminates the different land use perspectives in the Doñana National and Natural parks, important UNESCO wetland and dune set sites south of Seville. Biodiversity at Doñana, formerly the king’s hunting preserve, has been maintained over several centuries, although it has recently been threatened by a mining disaster and several water shortages, which have endangered many species. The installation GO Doñana was designed to introduce the art audience and members of the public to the complex problems in this rare ecosystem. GO Doñana is metaphorically based on the ancient Chinese game of Go, which uses strategies to capture territory through interest-balancing tactics. GO Doñana is also a serious game that is played through informative vignettes, addressing questions that apply to similar rare locations in coastal areas around the world.

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