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Enlace-37. Gabriela & Sally Gutiérrez Dewar

15 december, 2008 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Gabriela y Sally Gutiérrez Dewar. Tapologo, 2008
Gabriela y Sally Gutiérrez Dewar. Tapologo, 2008

In Freedom Park, a squatter settlement in South Africa, a group of HIV-infected women created a network called Tapologo. Working with nurses from their community, they transformed misery and degradation into resistance and hope. Catholic bishop Kevin Dowling helped them, raising doubts about the sexual and moral doctrine of the Church in this context.

The directors venture into the daily lives of the women in the Tapologo network, depicting the living situation for a large number of women in South Africa. Overcoming AIDS is shown as a community project that mobilises a collective network made up of retired nurses, social workers, doctors, religious leaders marginalised by the official Church, and former sex workers and some of the infected women as well.

Occupying a hybrid space between art, documentary and socio-political tool, Tapologo, the first Spanish-South African co-production, premiered at the Malaga Film Festival and later won the Audience Award for Best South African Film at the Tri-Continental Film Festival.

The sisters Gabriela and Sally Gutiérrez Dewar, respectively the producer/documentary director and visual artist, began their collaboration with the short film Manola coge el autobús (2006), shown at international film festivals and contemporary art centres.

Tapologo, 2008, Betacam, colour, sound, 89'

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