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Enlace-33. Javier Codesal

15 october, 2007 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Viaje de novios (2006) is a project that developed over the course of almost three years. It includes four videos (Viaje de novios, Pago de salud, Circular de agua and Baile al fin) which together form one long piece. This long version of Viaje de novios looks at some of the key spaces in art and cinema: the portrait suspended in time; the landscape as aspiration, between memory and desire; the artistic gaze and its film correlation in the shot/reverse angle shot; using a couple as an editing principle; telling a story that tempers the real events and the narrative voice. “The experience of travelling, time passing, events that surprise us, the restlessness that finds its place in art, all find closure in the artwork, which is simultaneously formalised as just one more displacement” Javier Codesal (Sabiñánigo, 1958).

Codesal moves freely between words and images. He works with photographs, installations and videos and has published three books of poetry. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía has shown his work on several occasions, including the exhibition of his installations El manto de Verónica (1992) and Inmóviles - Fábula de un hombre amado (1999).

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