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Enlace-20. Joan Rabascall

30 october, 2003 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Joan Rabascall. JFK, 1965
Joan Rabascall. JFK, 1965

The work of Joan Rabascall (Barcelona, 1935), one of the Spanish artists who founded the Sociological Art movement in Paris in 1974, grapples with the messages contained in the manipulated media images that we are fed every day. Drawing on publicity, the press and television, he reveals the failures in the system through works with minimal decontextualisation and subsequent resignifying.

For Rabascall, ethics, which he views as indissolubly linked to aesthetics, forms the base of the critical eye that he casts on media discourse. However, he does not lack a philosophical sense of humour, which has resulted in works like Spain is Different (1976-1977), in which apparently trivial texts and images form a wandering exhibition in full “institutional transition”. For the series Mi colección, he became a photographer, making an inventory of his collection of miniature televisions. Using images and titles that form part of the work, he ironically attacked the powerful medium of television, which has been so hegemonic in the last century.

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