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Enlace-2. Arte Visión: Spanish Electronic Art

19 october, 2000 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Cameras, screens, computers, recorders, photocopiers, printers, scanners, holograms, magnetic material and CDs are a regular part of the contemporary scene as both instruments and ubiquitous, versatile media. The electronic and media arts are not the result of the seduction of novelty, but rather a consequence of responsible proximity to what is happening in the world. The arts have adopted instruments from the information and communication industries and factories and given them other functions and configurations that make abundant use of inter-, multi- and transmedia amalgams.

As the title suggests, a study of the prominence that these practices have gained in Spain - as well as among a roaming group of globetrotters who have extended their reach and projection outside the country - shows that the state of this art (electronic, media and technological) and its milieu (centres, organisations and platforms) are not as tenuous as was once thought, although the texts that analyse the different areas do not try to hide the stumbling blocks and weak points.

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