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Co-Productions from the Centre International de Création Vidéo, CIVC

11 february, 1993 - 27 february, 1993 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Coproducciones del Centro Internacional de Creación de Vídeo, CIVC
Coproducciones del Centro Internacional de Creación de Vídeo, CIVC

In just two years of existence, the Centre International de Création Vidéo Montbéliard-Belfort (CICV) has become a model for audiovisual creation and teaching. Now, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is presenting a small sample of its co-productions from the selection made by Pierre Bongiovanni, the centre’s director. Since the first Manifestation Internationale de Video et Television Montbéliard held in 1982, this biannual festival has gone from strength to strength to become one of the oldest international festivals around. As a result of the success and integrity of the event in 1991, the CICV, a unique institution in its genre, opened its doors. The CICV promotes work and research visits for video artists, producers, teachers, researchers and creators, who live together for the time they need to get their projects done. The initial goal of this centre was to create laboratories that are “decentralised, autonomous, organised into networks, traversed by creative flashes of resistance, lethargy and investigation”, to support the production of independent videos and educational and cultural television programmes.

Located at the Château Eugène Peugeot in Montbéliard, the CICV boasts post-production audio and digital editing units, a graphic palette, a Betacam SP editing table and a specialised library-film archive. Before accepting a project, the centre negotiates the working conditions individually with each creator according to his or her specific needs: administrative time, technical infrastructure, etc. In return, the residents participate in educational activities organised by the CICV, contribute to the Documentation Centre and in some cases share production rights.

During the first term of 1993, the centre welcomed residents like Irit Batsry (Ramat Gan, 1957), Robert Cahen (Valence, 1945) and Sandra Kogut (Rio de Janeiro, 1965). The CICV does not restrict its field of inquiry to creative visits, however; its range of activities also includes publishing the journal Chimaera and the production of the television programme Eugène, broadcast weekly on cable television since 1992 with a view to “experimenting with new possible ways to make local television a true instrument for social communication”. The productions that come from this nucleus of audiovisual creativity are the best indicator of its dynamic, enriching character, an example of how creators and researchers in this field can best be assisted.

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