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A Brief History of Video Art in Holland. 30 Years in the Work of 30 artists

17 july, 2003 - 27 july, 2003 /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Una breve historia del videoarte en Holanda. 30 años en la obra de 30 artistas
Una breve historia del videoarte en Holanda. 30 años en la obra de 30 artistas

A Brief History of Video Art in Holland is a video programme curated by Sebastián López, director of the Gate Foundation. It features the participation of 30 artists who are already prominent in the history of the audiovisual medium because of their important contributions, both to the development of video and to the issues that characterised the visual arts between 1972 and 2002. The exhibition charts the diversity and variety of the artists who have drawn the history of Dutch video art without constrictions in a medium supposedly without borders, opening up numerous cross-cultural connections and providing an open space for discussion where the artistic interrogates the cultural. The exhibition thus contributes to establishing new parameters to better understand the video work of the last three decades and the historical context in which these works were produced.

The works presented include pieces by Marina Abramović (Belgrade, 1946) and Ulay (Solingen, 1943), Nan Hoover (New York, 1931 - Berlin, 2008), Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas (Espinal, 1934), Elsa Stansfield (Glasgow, 1945 - Amsterdam, 2004) and Madelon Hooykaas (Maartensdijk, 1942), Jeffrey Shaw (Melbourne, 1944) and Lawrence Weiner (New York, 1942), among others. The show also includes work from the new generations that actively participated in the internationalisation of the visual arts, such as Tion Ang (who received the award for best young artist at the Venice Biennale in 2001), Yael Davids (Jerusalem, 1968) and Alicia Framis (Barcelona, 1967), who represented Holland at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

The geographical limits of this exhibition also make it possible to interrogate history, the construction of the nation and the national and the practice of technological media in an extended cultural space without borders. Moreover, themes that have left their mark on the history of video and concentrated the attention of theoreticians and historians, such as the questions of gender, narrative mechanisms and ‘new identities,’ are explicitly dealt with in the exhibition and can be traced across a varied and colourful spectrum of expressions.

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